The Benefits of Daily Routines for the Elderly and Those With Dementia

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June 9, 2019
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January 7, 2020
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How Creating Daily Routines Can Help with the Elderly and Dementia Patients

As people get older, their cognitive and physical abilities, independence and sense of being are affected which can be quite stressful not only on them, but on the caregiver as well. They may be having a hard time making transitions during their elder years. Daily routines for the elderly and those with dementia are important.

What is a Daily Routine

A daily routine is a sequence of actions that are followed on a regular basis. They may be completed at specified intervals or regularly. A routine is also similar to a habit that doesn’t vary. Daily routines are essential for the elderly and especially those with any type of mental or physical challenge because it helps combat the unknown.

Establishing a structured routine is key as it gives a natural flow to their day and avoids fear of the unknown. For example, creating a daily routine of basic hygiene, changing clothing, taking medications adds structure and stability to an elderly person’s life.

Key Benefits of Daily Routines

Feeling Secure

A daily routine for seniors with cognitive impairments produces feelings of safety and assurance. Many seniors become dependent on loved ones and other caregivers to help structure their day. Having routines will prepare them for what’s to come next.

Stress and Anxiety Levels Reduced

When a senior becomes impaired or too frail to manage their day-to-day activities, not knowing what comes next is quite stressful. Their moods can become varied and some may display combativeness and anxiety. Even those with forms of dementia that may not be aware of exact time around them, will relate to a daily routine. This lessens their exposure to anxiety and confusion.

The bottom line is that simple, daily routines can significantly improve your loved one’s quality of life. Maintaining a routine will definitely increase their confidence and provide feelings of security.

Our Daily Routine is The Right Choice

Right Choice Adult Care And Activity Center will provide your loved one with a structured daily routine that will benefit their overall being. Our daily calendar is filled with routine personal grooming, therapy and activities that promote independence and structure.

Set up an appointment with our center to view the facility and speak with the staff.

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